With strong roots in the confectionery industry, Gandour has emerged as a leading food manufacturer in the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia. Established in 1857, Gandour originally manufactured a variety of hard-boiled candies, loukoum and marzipan products out of a factory-store in Beirut, Lebanon. Today Gandour offers an extensive range of products including biscuits, cakes, chocolates, gums, candies, snacks, wafers and cooking oils.


We strive to lead our field and continuously refine our practice in the pursuit of total satisfaction of our associates and consumers alike. Through total alignment, all of our entities move together in a constant effort to deliver accessible products that people love, which give rise to moments people cherish.


We Believe in a Delicious World…



We place creativity at
the forefront of our
development strategy.
By observing consumer
behavior, industry trends
and cultural developments,
we focus on forward
thinking policies and
business strategies that
add real value to our
people, our products
and the communities
in which we operate.


We believe that continuous
development is the key to
the success of our business.
That’s why we spare no
effort in reinforcing our
people’s skills, upgrading
our work environments
and diversifying
our product ranges to
continuously meet consumer


We believe that
accountability is at the
core of an effective
work environment. We
seize every moment
and capitalize on every
resource to optimize our
business effectiveness.
We invest our learnings to
achieve better results by
developing and applying
best practices.


We abide by the highest
management, production
and customer-relation
standards to deliver
quality at all instances.
Whether in our products,
associates, business
partners or consumers, we
invest all possible efforts
to exceed their respective


We acknowledge our
different social
obligations and honor
our commitment towards
the societies in which
we operate. Giving back
to our community, protecting
and safeguarding our
environment and observing
a strict code of ethics
are all parts of
our approach to business.