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A whimsical range of candies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether young or old, Kunuz offers a range of soft, chewy and hard candies in a wide variety of flavors. 

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Chewy Lemon

Chewy Lemon Flavour

Chewy Strawberry

Chewy Strawberry Flavour

Chewy Cherry

Chewy Cherry Flavour

Kunuz Tropical

Tropical Flavor

Kunuz Assorted Big

Assorted Fruits Flavor, Bigger Size

Kunuz Assorted

Assorted Fruits Flavor

Kunuz Cherry

Cherry Flavor

Kunuz Orange & Lemon

Orange & Lemon Flavors

Kunuz Lollipops

Lollipops in 5 different Flavors

Kunuz Apple & Cream

12 Pcs Apple & Cream Flavors

Kunuz Mint

12 Pcs Mint Flavor

Kunuz Cherry & Cream

12 Pcs Cherry & Cream Flavors

Kunuz Strawberry & Cream

12 Pcs Strawberry & Cream Flavors

Kunuz Orange & Cream

12 Pcs Orange & Cream Flavors

Kunuz Mint Pouch

Delicious Candy with Fresh Green Mint

Kunuz Butter Cream Pouch

Delicious Candy with Fresh Butter Cream