Quality Compliance

Gandour’s Quality Policy depicts its commitment and success to deliver across the entire value chain high-quality products and services that are safe, compliant, and preferred by consumers and customers.

Gandour’s constant endeavor for excellence enabled it to obtain the most recognized certificates – Quality, ISO 9001:2015, Food Safety, ISO 22000:2018 and FSSC 22000 V5.1 GFSI recognized, Health and Safety ISO 45001:2018, Environment, ISO 14001:2015, and HALAL, thus, allowing it to access international markets from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, America to Australia.

We have developed an Integrated Management System to guarantee the compliance with rigorous international standards, continually improve the overall quality performance, and maintain & enhance the developed policies, procedures, and practices. The system is audited and verified by independent certification bodies and local governmental authorities to prove conformity against internal corporate standards, customer requirements, international standards, and regulatory and statutory requirements.

We aim for promoting a culture of quality, health, safety, and environment with our employees and external interested parties by creating a workplace where people are motivated to communicate freely, collaborate, innovate, reengineer and achieve business objectives.


Food Safety Commitment

Gandour has developed food safety and quality requirements based on the internationally recognized standards, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), GHPs (Good Hygiene Practices), GWPs (Good Warehouse Practices) and local regulatory and statutory requirements related to each affiliate, to prevent any potential biological, chemical and physical contamination of food.

Gandour is committed to develop and implement strict non-negotiable policies and practices across the entire food production chain from external providers management, material procurement, warehousing management, manufacturing, packaging, finished goods storage and distribution to consumption.

We operate our own laboratory by qualified specialists to conduct quality checks (chemical, physical and sensorial testing) and microbiological testing for raw material and finished products. Besides, we use external accredited laboratories for similar and more specialized tests. This ensures the consumer the quality and safety of the products we provide.


Health & Safety

As we prioritize the quality of our products, we also consider protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of people at work from employees, contractors, visitors to anyone impacted by our business activities.

With our developed management system, we are constantly working on providing and maintaining safe and healthy working environment by improving workplace practices, mitigating health and safety hazards, preventing accidents and work-related illnesses, communicating proper information and instructions, delivering trainings, and ensuring employees are competent to do their tasks.

Gandour has incorporated SEDEX system within its business guidelines covering the 4 pillars (labour, business ethics, health and safety and environment). We opted to adopt ETI’s internationally recognized Base Code of labour standards to integrate ethical trade into our core business practices and to tackle any issue that arise in the supply chain. Gandour Group has successfully undergone SMETA audits which proves our supply chain transparency, the decent working conditions and human rights applied, compliance with statutory requirements, and the collaborative relationship built with our partners.