Our 3 Pillars

Our Past, Products & People make us who we are, and feeds our purpose to grow.

Our History

166 years of making

We are nearly two centuries of experience. A family that has carried Gandour close-to-heart since baking its first treat in 1857. Through good times and bad. Always learning from our history and cherishing our heritage.


589 Products

To most people our products might seem a fleeting thing. But to us they are everything, because we know they can bring a smile to anyone; no matter who or where you are. That’s why we like to experiment, refine, and perfect new snacks and treats. Always paying attention to the smallest detail, so that our customers can trust the Gandour name.

Our People

2450 Employees

We are who we are. And that’s a family who love making snacks and treats together. What’s more, we never apologize for the passion we have for such a simple thing. Because there’s nothing better than what we get to do every day. It comes from the heart... and that’s what makes it special.

Smiles for miles