In Jeddah season, the group made a mark of its historical existence, participating actively in activities and events.

In a special meeting, Mr. Abdulaziz Zaini, Director of the Marketing Department in Gandour, stressed the group's keenness to be an active participant in the Saudi society. Being part of Jeddah season helped the company share significant cultural and historical landmarks common between the Bride of the Red Sea and Gandour.

He said one of the most important goals of the participation of Gandour in Jeddah Season was to enrich the Saudi society by showcasing the successful phases the company has gone through since its inception, the spirit of which is carried forth even now.

While speaking of Gandour’s participation in the season, Abdulaziz said that the most prominent of them was the "Throw Back" event, in which company presented its famous products in a distinctive way that gave  the young generation an opportunity to go back in time to live a unique experience of shopping during the eighties and nineties of the last century.

Evaluating the success of Gandour’s participation in Jeddah season, Abdulaziz said: “Throughout our existence, Gandour has been keen to engage with the complete spectrum of Saudi society and through our participation in Jeddah season we were able to reach the youth category with the aim of introducing them to our ancient past and sharing with them some of our plans to continue our journey.”

“For us the future is what we are creating with the engagement of the younger generation” he said.

Highlighting the most prominent tourist attractions where Gandour was present during the Jeddah Season, Abdulaziz said that the company focused on linking some of its famous brands such as Mastic Gum and Al-Yamamah cake to some of the heritage places in Saudi that the Kingdom’s ancestors were proud of, thereby supporting the season’s endeavors to encourage families to visit the country’s landmarks.

On the company's  participation in the  upcoming Saudi seasons, Abdulaziz stressed that Gandour's policy of being present in these seasons will benefit everyone, especially the local Saudi companies, which have always received the patronage of the country’s  leaders.

Concluding, Abdulaziz reviewed Gandour’s prominent marketing strategy and plans and said: “Our marketing strategy is based on innovation in the field of food and the provision of everything new to enable the younger generation to keep pace with prosperity and growth, while preserving our identity that we have been keen to preserve for more than 165 years”.