Gandour gum is very known in the Saudi community and is very close to heart since it was part of many generations' memories.  We focus on preserving what is good while innovating whenever we can. We have tailored each piece of our gum to burst with mouth watering flavor and take you on an authentic journey through time and now without the guilt of sugar. We focused on the sweet taste and strong flavor that provides fresh and long-lasting breath, while maintaining the premium quality we always had. Gandour sugar free gum has launched in a variety of flavors that include the classics like mastic, peppermint and spearmint. As well as fun flavors like watermelon, forest fruit, tropical fruit and tutti frutti. From center filled to sticks to tabs, we offer them all to cater for every taste bud out there.

We embrace culture as a lifelong companion, and take pride in tradition as an endless source of inspiration. Our brand has been part of history, through the past and present Gandour's journey will continue